Pegasus First Edition - Set of 6D6's
Pegasus First Edition - Set of 6D6's

Pegasus First Edition - Set of 6D6's

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6 x D6 Set

 Cloudy resin with iridescent inclusions

Metallic pastel purple ink

 Reacts under UV light

✦ Designed by us - DICEBOUND exclusive

✦ Comes packaged with our signature glass potion bottle, perfect for display and adorned with a hand stamped wax seal.

✦ Two toned with a mirror-like polish and stunning inclusions; they can create a different color and effect depending on your perspective.


You may be tempted to hug your dice.  Do not do this. They are sharp and not for hugs. Or noms.

Dicebound dice are sharp edged, please exercise caution. They are not a toy. Do not step on your dice. Do not eat your dice.  They present a choking hazard.  Keep them away from children and pets.

Due to the nature of handmade dice there is always a possibility of slight cosmetic variations or imperfections.

We're proud of each of our creations and are excited to share them with you.

Always roll responsibly, friends.