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7 piece RPG dice set with a Chonk (Oversized) D20

✦ Sparkly black and ocean blue with wisps of pastel blue and white

✦ Silver ink

✦ Each set has randomized wisping making them all unique

✦ Glows under UV and black light

✦ Comes packaged in a DICEBOUND bag with a transparent window and dice ID card

✦ Designed by us - DICEBOUND exclusive

Check out the video below to see Elixer in action!


Resin Dice Sets

  • High quality lightweight resin
  • Striking inclusions (Some Designs)
  • Ink
  • A Dash of Magic

Metal Dice Sets

  • Zinc Alloy
  • Enamel (Some Designs)
  • Ink

Dice Bags

  • Vegan Leatherette


  • Vinyl

Care information

Sharp Edge Sets

For that extra pop of sparkle, wash them using a drop of dish soap and warm water. It removes any build of of dirt and oils from frequent handling.
Use of a rolling tray is recommended.

Metal Sets

Due to their weight, we recommend rolling them into a rolling tray to protect your table.

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